Laser Cutting Center

The company “Nord Sales Consult” was established in 2008 and had the purpose of providing multiple solutions in the field of metal sheet processing.

Our main activity is cutting parts from the steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets by the aid of the laser technology. Due to its various benefits, the laser technology allows us to cut sheets with thicknesses up to 20 mm carbon steel.

The maximum dimension of the cut pieces is 1500×3000 mm. By the aid of the laser technology, any form of medium or high complexity can easily be cut, without burr and from sheets of maximum 12 mm stainless steel, and maximum 10 mm aluminum.

Complete solutions

Our company offers complex and complete solutions in the field of sheet metal processing.

Our customers benefit from the entire network of our company resources and partnerships in order to receive the best results from a single supplier. Therefore, we provide high quality services for our customers, namely:

* Note: In partnership with our collaborators, our company also offers galvanizing, coating, turning,milling, transport services.

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